Point & Clicker Among Thorns Explores Life During A Technological Plague

Among Thorns takes you to a dying cyberpunk world, one that is suffering from a technological plague. Even with the world falling to pieces, Cora Bry still needs to get paid, and you will join her as she works a shady job under the glowing neon lights, solving puzzles and talking to the people she meets.

Among Thorns is a concise game, telling an involving storyline in about a half hour. During that time, players will be treated to some spectacular pixel art visions of the future, as Frith has spared no effort in filling each scene with details. From the various ads to the street lights to the buildings to the locales, the world of Among Thorns shows enough personality in its appearance to become a character all its own.

You can choose to pay whatever they like to join Cora on her journey, as the game is available for whatever you wish to donate.

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