Sleeping Dogs getting new DLC stories, packs in 2013

There will be two new stories and three packs available as DLC for Sleeping Dogs in the next three months, Square Enix announced today. Year of the Snake (which seems like a safe bet to assume is going to launch around the Lunar New Year) takes place with Shen returning to the Hong Kong Police Department and having to battle an end-of-the-word cult. In Wheels of Fury, the protagonist will get to drive a weaponized supercar to help the Sun On Yee take on its rivals. .

The packs include movie masters, law enforcer and Monkey King. That’s right, Shen can become the mythical Sun Wukong. The movie masters pack looks like it references Kato from “The Green Hornet,” Nameless from “Hero” and the Eighteen Brassmen of Shaolin Monastery from “God of Cookery”.

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