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Top 5 Battleborn Heroes

Top 5 Battleborn Heroes

The minds that brought you Borderlands are here with a new Hero-shooter, Battleborn. We’ve had the chance to go into 2K’s secret bunker in Windsor and take an exclusive sneek-peek at the game. Each character you play in Battleborn has a completely different playstyle. From Miko’s healing skills, El-Dragon’s deadly clothesline, Shayne and Aurox’s physical scale and powerful dominance. There are 25 of these unique heroes, and here are our favourites!


Verod Rath means business. Equipped with triple-energy blades, Rath is all about getting in close and dealing with crowds. With all his unique skills allowing for some excellent crowd-control while also dealing huge damage. Rath is also a great strategic choice for spearheading combat as a newbie-friendly character, as his 'Genetic Syphon' skill allows you to steal health from enemies, bolster your own and absorb huge amounts of damage with 'Bladekeeper’s Vestment' while also being able to react quickly and retain his deadly speed.

Oscar Mike

Oscar Mike is a simple character that is incredibly easy to get used to. Using a simple Assault Rifle, if you’ve played almost any First-Person shooter you know how to play as Oscar Mike. Equipped with Frag Grenades, the Stealth Generator skill that makes you invisible for a period of time and a tactical Airstrike, Oscar Mike is not only good for offense, but also for overing fire and mid-range support in the most hectic of matches.


Battleborn is a hugely hectic game, with respawn times going higher as the game goes on and the amount of players actively on your team on the map, it’s inevitable that someone will need healing. Enter Miko, a support character that can heal allies and lay down an Area of Effect skill named Fungus Among Us that will heal all allies within that area. With his passive healing, Miko is great for supporting tankier characters like Shayne and Aurox and Montana who are the major damage-dealers and also have an intimidating presence on the map. Having Miko on your team is an essential part of success playing Battleborn.

Shayne and Aurox

Shayne is a teenage punk that can summon a huge demonic armour, Oryx. They both work together in tandem to become one hulking behemoth of a character. Their playstyle is pretty complex, with Shayne and Aurox having a multitude of both short and long range options. Summoning Aurox using ‘fetch’ will grab the first character he sees and will pull it back to Shayne, whilst also dealing huge amounts of damage. Activating Aurox will change your movement speed and more, leaving a huge amount of options for this versatile character.


Marquis is a robot who gradually lost his sanity to become a *literal* killing Machine. Using a  Sniper rifle that can demolish enemies from a distance and alter time itself with his ‘Temporal Distortion’ skill. Using this in tandem with the Marquis’ trusty Sniper, it’s a good setup that can lead to some incredible setups. The Marquis is also pretty unassuming, so you can easily sneak past enemy defences and use the ‘Bindleblast’ skill which deals massive damage when charged.

We can’t wait for Battleborn, and currently every preorder also nets you an entry into our Turtle Beach competition, where you can win some awesome swag!


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