Saints Row III…I Mean IV

When it comes to Saints Row (SA), we all know what to expect and that’s crazy, over the top version of Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Saints Row is the game you’d play when you get bored of GTA V. However with SA IV, I have mixed feelings. Is SA IV going to be a classic in years to come? Well of course not, but that doesn’t mean it’s not to be enjoyed. SA IV isn’t a bad game, it just feels a bit too similar to SA III and the reason is because it doesn’t really add anything new apart from a different story line and the addition of super powers. Apart from that, expect the same style and same way of doing things. Not to mention the fact that your super speed and charged jump powers make you question why some things are even in the game, but we’ll get onto that later.

There’s certainly a difference when it comes to graphical quality and it does look better than Saints Row III but I wouldn’t call it stunning or something to be excited about.  One could even say that SA IV could very well have been an expansion to Saints Row III, but the problem with SA III is that the side missions weren’t worth doing and I largely ignored them. However what makes SA IV worthy as a separate game is how great you’re incredibly rewarded for completing side missions. Want unlimited sprinting? Better get busy doing the side mission that rewards it! There are even missions that give you additional followers, weapons, vehicles and so on. In fact the complete opposite in SA IV where side missions dominate most of your time and distract you from the main story line. So there’s always something for you to do when you complete the story line. Gaining upgrades as you complete missions serves as some sort of progression for your character because you expect to feel somewhat more powerful after doing a mission, which is exactly what happens.

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