Dishonored Game Guide & Walkthrough

This is an unofficial guide for Dishonored. It contains a very detailed description of how to complete all of the missions. Description of each of the stages contains (currently under preparation) information concerning:

  • The completion of main and side tasks;
  • Possible paths leading to further areas;
  • Effective ways of eliminating both the encountered characters and safety systems;
  • The solution of puzzles;
  • Finding hidden items.


Color coding.

This guide has been colour coded in a following manner:

  • Brown for important characters, regardless of whether they are friends or foes.
  • Blue for the explored areas (the names of the areas have been put in square brackets).
  • Green for regular items to be found throughout the game (gold, medicine, basic weaponry etc.)
  • Orange for secret items (treasures) to be found throughout the game, as wel as for items of special interest (eg. keys or quest items).

Try and go over the bridge to meet Emily, the Empress’ daughter. Depending on what you like, you can either agree to a small hide-and-seek (upper- right dialogue option) or refuse and focus on the main quest itself (right-middle dialogue option). If you’ve agreed to play hide-and-seek, turn right after you’ve reached the other end of the pier and go down the stairs. Approach Emily to listen to the game rules.

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