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#FreebieFriday Winners – The Black Death

#FreebieFriday Winners – The Black Death

We set up our Freebie Friday for The Black Death up last week, with the question "What would your ideal Medieval Vocation be?" Loads of you responded and here are the responses from the five lucky winners! MCRGamer: "Court Jester! Everybody likes the person who is funny! You are basically the Medieval version of a stand up comedian! Plus I'm guessing you got a lot of perks like food, drink and a place to sleep. Oh and lets not forget you will never be trodden on (by accident) by people riding horses due to your brightly coloured uniform which is usually provided free of charge and comes with a CrAzY hat! :-)"

ManweTheValar : "Executioner, nobody liked, but they were all afraid of you and pretty much left you alone to do your work. Hopefully there wasn't that much work, but every noble needed one to do the dirty work." VGD:  "I want to be the official guillotine clean-up crew. Just sweeping up all the chopped off heads into a sack to send to the dumping grounds, wiping and sharpening the guillotine blade for the next batch of poor sods. Sounds like the life for me." CosmicGravy: "Ranger. You don't have to spend years doing specialised training in order to use a bow properly. You can learn to hunt and fend for yourself in the process and the further from danger you are the better off you are in a fight. Perfect vocation for surviving out in the wild by yourself or providing for a family" SwainDaddy: I would be a Tavern Storyteller. People would come from far and wide to hear my incredible tales...for a suggested donation of course. No one would notice my companion slipping coins from listeners pockets while I enthralled everyone with my tales.

Congratulations to all of the winners! Keys should be in your Playfire inboxes imminently! If you've not won a code, you can still get The Black Death over at Green Man Gaming!


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