Everyone loves Grand Theft Auto (the games, not the actual crime). Whether it be for the storyline, the freedom of a sandbox city, or even just playing out the road rage you’d never get away with in real life, GTA has something for everyone. With so much freedom, it’s hard to figure out what you should actually do in-game, though. That’s why we put together a list of five things you’ve got to do in GTA 5 before dropping the control.

Ride a Plane

“Ride a plane? You mean go to the airport and steal a jet?” Not so, hypothetical reader. While stealing a plane or helicopter might be step 1 of this this 2 step plan, the objective is to actually ride on top of a plane. It will take a good amount of skill and timing to line things up properly, plus a lot of prep and luck to not die in the process, but if you can manage to jump on top of a plane in mid-flight, those multitudes of death will all be worth it.

Steal a Tank

It’s as simple as that. Go steal a tank and wreak havoc across the city. Deceptively simple as it sounds, there’s actually a lot of technique in getting a tank into the position for stealing it. The best and most fun way to do so is to get some friends to help. After enough attempts to try and steal planes and helicopters from the military base, the army will usually mobilize to come get you, including at least one tank. Once that happens, it’s all a matter of finding the hatch and breaking in without being shot a thousand times first.

Get Lost in the Woods

While it might sound unusual given the violent nature of the game, one of the most relaxing things you can do in GTA is to get lost in the woods. Either teleport to a random area of the forest or wander out, disable your map, and try to find your way back to the city. It’s a fun little journey that might uncover some Easter Eggs.

Moon Gravity Skydiving

Easily the most hilarious thing you can do in the game is enable the moon gravity cheat. Characters and cars slide all over the ground like it’s made of ice. But the most fun you can have with this cheat isn’t on the ground, but in the air. Piloting a plane or helicopter to the highest point in the game you can manage and bailing out is a sight to behold, your character falling to their death in slow motion, screaming and flailing the entire time. The only thing it lacks is the ability to dual wield some SMGs and fire them behind you.

Jump Off Mt. Chiliad

Similar to the last idea, jumping off Mt. Chiliad is fun all on its own. Aside from watching your character’s lifeless body tumble down slope (with multiple chances to do it again as you respawn on a lower point), it’s sure to be one of the highlights of your night. Optionally, you could just bring a hang glider and fly over the entire city.

Get to It

These are just five of the bizarre and hilarious things you should definitely try while playing GTA 5. With such a huge game and freedom to do basically whatever you want, there’s no end to the fun you can have. So get to it and start causing chaos.

Written by: Fred Williams


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