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The Olympian Gods

Children and grandchildren of the legendary Titans, the Olympian Gods took their place on Mount Olympus after Jupiter overthrew Cronus, his father, and cast the Titans into Tartarus. Today, as the Republic enters a period of expansion, the Gods are pleased that order is spreading throughout the mortal world, and more and more offerings are being made to the Olympians. Of course, not all is well on Olympus. They failed to notice the growing popularity of an ancient cult of Telchine followers, who are on the verge of gaining a stronghold on the Republic.

JUPITER – Father of the Gods

MINERVA – Bringer of clarity, guidance and courage

PLUTO - Lord of the Underworld

TREVIA – Three Way Goddess of the Crossroads

MARS – God of War

JUNO – Goddess of Rules and Conduct

BACCHUS – God of Geity and Pleasure

FORTUNA – Goddess of Fortune

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