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Gods & Heroes Introduction

Forget Fantasy… Make History

Experience the Story
Rome is besieged on all sides by her enemies, and it is up to you – with the added grace of the gods – to prevent her ruin. Barbarians, rebels, bandits, and creatures both natural and demonic will harry your footsteps, while vile sorcerers seek to revive a fallen god.

Become a Child of the Gods
you have been chosen to fulfill a greater destiny by the gods themselves, who have infused a portion of their essence into your very being. As a child of the gods, you wield tremendous power in battle, smiting your deity’s enemies and bolstering your fellows.

Choose Your Destiny
Assume the role of one of five classes – the stalwart Soldier, the frenzied Gladiator, the esoteric Mystic, the benevolent Priest, or the nimble Scout – and make your mark on the world.

Command Minions
You will encounter many people on your journey throughout Rome, some of whom will become bound to you as loyal companions. These minions come from a variety of backgrounds, and each has its own unique talents to aid you in battle.

Master Feats
Customize your character and hone his or her skills. your god will also grant you spectacular powers, provided you keep his or her favor and act in accordance with his or her wishes.

Manage Your Estate
More than mere housing, your estate is a vast space that serves as your base of operations where you can erect libraries, war towers, and other structures, both for their aesthetic values and to provide you with benefits.

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