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Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Official IRC Channel

The Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Community Team has set up an official IRC channel for Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising. We hope that as our global community will use this chat resource. While it is mostly populated by fans, some of the members of the Gods & Heroes Community Team will be monitoring and chatting.

If you are IRC-savvy, you can get to the channel using the following information:

Channel: #godsandheroes


Q: Will I need a client to run IRC?
Yes, you will! First, you have to make sure an IRC client is installed on your system. If you have a stand-alone PC with internet access you have to obtain and install a client yourself.

Alternatively, you can use Mibbit’s web IRC client to access the channel directly. To use it, click here. If you still have problems accessing the channel, please file a support request by sending an email to the Community Mailbox.

Where can I find some IRC clients?
Here’s a list of a few sites which have IRC clients. Most people use mIRC, but others prefer different clients. You can find mIRC here: You can read their IRC FAQ here.

You can also access other clients for IRC. A few are listed below.



Rules & Expectations:
Our IRC Chat channels will be held to the same Rules & Guidelines which are on our official Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising forums. You can read those Rules & Guidelines here.

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