Top 10 Video Game Crushes.

With Summer coming to a close, we at godsandheroes wanted to heat things up a bit! We’ve complied a list of our top ten video game crushes! We’ve stuck to one character per franchise and we decided to go with a mix of men and women (so don’t hate, appreciate).

Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher 1, 2 & 3)
Men want to be him, women want to be with him. This Medieval detective has won us over with his piercing eyes, handsome looks and his dark sense of humour. And he has a beard that grows in real time! Ladies love beards that grow in real time! Not only can you change his hairstyle and outfits in game (seriously, what more could you want?) but Geralt is also a lone wolf. You know that this fella won’t be bombarding you with needy texts at 2 in the morning.

D.Va (Overwatch)
This ‘”former professional gamer” turned mech pilot has quickly emerged as a fan favourite among the Overwatch crowd. In fact, you can see at least 3 D.Va cosplayers at any event! Her sweet looks, combined with her kick-ass attitude (and that sweet, sweet mech), have really stolen our hearts.

Aela The Huntress (Skyrim)
One of the many companions that you can drag along with you on your travels across Tamreil is Aela! Not only is this woman a BEAST (quite literally), but she also has a great taste in makeup. Aela will even remind you that she’s ‘sworn to carry your burdens’. So hopefully she’ll deal with some of that emotional baggage as well as the hundreds of iron daggers we’ve piled onto her.
Big Boss/Naked Snake (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)
Big Boss snuck his way out of the metal Metal Gear series and straight into our hearts with his rugged charm, survival skills and fantastic mullet. This ‘man’s man’ is a key character in the Metal Gear franchise, and in Metal Gear 3 : Snake Eater, you gain a better understanding of his character. Plus you can make him eat dead frogs and rabbits. So the good times are endless!

Claire Redfield (Resident Evil 2)
Upon first glance, Claire Redfield appears to be the next door with her big, blue, bambi eyes and her cute, little ponytail. But this feisty red head has more to her than meets the eye! Having managed to escape Raccoon City, and the Umbrella Corporation, Claire seems unfazed by the infinite amounts of zombies that seem to come after her. She also has a great taste in outfits (we love the cowboy boots)!

Master Chief (The Halo Franchise)
Many people may argue that Master Chief’s electronic companion Cortana should have made the list. But they are wrong! Standing at an impressive 7 feet tall, this legendary Spartan is one of the most recognised faces in gaming today. But just what is it about him that makes him so seductive? Is it the fact that we’ve never seen his face (everyone does love a bit of mystery after all) or is it THAT VOICE? We’re not sure, it’s probably both.

Commander Shephard – The Female Version (Mass Effect 3)
We decided to go with the female version of Shep on this one (seeing as there are a few too many men on this list already). Even though she is completely customisable in game, the original press for Mass Effect 3 showcased an awesome, bad-ass, militant character. A pretty, red head one.

Chun-Li (Street Fighter)
Chun-Li has been around for so long that she feels like the childhood sweetheart among crushes. This courageous Chinese soldier is not just a pretty face! She has the ability to drive a flurry of kicks straight into your gut! Her sweet and elegant personality coupled with her iconic hairstyle make her one of the more memorable female characters out there.

Alyx Vance (Half-life 2)
We haven’t seen Alyx for a while now (since 2004 in fact). But this lovely hacker has left a lasting impression on us at Green Man Gaming. Not only does Alyx dress like a normal person (which is hard to say about many other characters out there: we’re looking at you Bayonetta), but she also manages to rescue Gordon on a few occasions. It’s also hard not to fancy a girl that can take over and control Combine technology.

Lara Croft (The Tomb Raider Series)

No top ten “sexy characters” list would be complete without this classic heroine. Ever since this feisty female hit our screens in 1996, Lara has left an impression on men everywhere. Or is that, two impressions? We’re pleased to say that Lara has gotten better with age and we admit that it’s hard not to develop a crush on such a clever and adventurous woman. Hollywood agreed with this and turned transferred the game character into a full movie franchise.

Arcade Mode: Deus Ex

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is very nearly upon us, and what better way to get hyped for the new game than looking back at what made Deus Ex great by revisiting the original game and Human Revolution! Way back when, had a legendary team of developersand other huge old-school PC gaming names, Ion Storm formed a new studio based.

The first game this team produced was Deus Ex, released in 2000. Deus Ex was a seminal title, simply based around the fact that the game was hugely open-ended, featuring branching dialogue paths and a variety of gameplay options (Never upgrade Swimming, though) – Deus Ex was incredibly ahead of its time, and it took a good decade or so before other games caught up to the scope that Deus Ex had at the turn of the century. Ion Storm produced a sequel; Invisible War several years later. But after that, the series had been dormant until Eidos Montreal took control of the series.

This team’s first game was a return to form for the Deus Ex franchise, featuring a new setting, time and protagonist. In Deus Ex: Human Revolution you play as Adam Jensen, a security officer searching for a scientist who had been kidnapped, who also happened to be his Fiance. Human Revolution combined this with a now iconic Black and Gold look to portray a sense of technological renaissance and bring into question the nature of Transhumanism- a central theme in the Deus Ex series, blending together human augmentations alongside technological advancement by grafting on enhanced limbs that exceed traditional human capabilities.

After an event in the events of Human Revolution, the new title, Mankind Divided is poised to pick the conversation right back up, with augmented humans being marginalised by the rest of society for their reliance upon technology for basic function. Set in Prague, Mankind Divided also brings back the colour palette, more muted and dour to reflect the approach to the game’s new story arcs.

Featuring massively open-ended gameplay styles alongside a brand-new upgrade tree, you can choose to play the role of Adam Jensen however you want, whether that be an all guns blazing approach or a more unseen, stealth look. Mankind Divided is shaping up to be a worthy successor to the legendary Deus Ex name, and we can’t wait to play the new entry in the series.

GTA Producer Leslie Benzies Embroiled In $150 Million Lawsuit With Rockstar

The “sabbatical” that former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies was on has proven to be far more complicated than it first appeared.

When Kotaku reported that Benzies had left Rockstar North back in January, the company told us he’d been on a sabbatical for several months and had “decided not to return to work for the company.”

Benzies paints a more complicated story. In a press release announcing a lawsuit against his former employer, Benzies claims he was “enticed by Rockstar” to take a sabbatical after the launch of Grand Theft Auto V. During that time, he reportedly discovered “numerous deceptions” designed to push him out of the company and deny him royalty payments to the tune of $150 million.

In December 2008, Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive announced long-term employment contracts and a “profit sharing arrangement” with Benzies and Rockstar co-founders Dan and Sam Houser.

“This new chapter in our successful relationship further aligns the interests of our creative teams with those of our shareholders,” said Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick at the time.

Benzies’ lawsuit says the agreements were identical for all three, and Sam Houser’s actions to remove Benzies from the arrangement was “the product of what turned out to be a lengthy deception” driven by “mounting resentments after many years of high praise.”

Benzies specifically called out the statement Rockstar issued to Kotaku about his sabbatical, calling it “out-of-bounds and inaccurate.” At the time, Benzies and Rockstar were in the midst of a “lengthy mediation” to find a middle ground, and Benzies disputes that he chose to leave:

“When attempting to resume his duties upon conclusion of his sabbatical on April 1, 2015, Mr. Benzies found himself unable to enter the Rockstar North office because his facilities access device had been deactivated. After being let inside by building security, Mr. Benzies was then ordered to leave by the Rockstar North office manager without reason.”

Since Benzies filed his lawsuit, Rockstar has countersued, claiming Benzies isn’t owed any additional money, due to breach of contract.

On March 23, 2015, Rockstar says Benzies sent a letter to the company asking for “exact financial parity with his co-Principals, prospectively and retroactively as of the Effective Date of the 2009 Royalty Plan.” In other words, he wanted to be on equal financial footing with the Housers.

On April 2, Benzies reportedly sent another letter asserting termination of his employment for “good reason,” in which the employee argues the employer has negatively impacted the employee’s ability to do their job. Alternatively, Benzies argued he’d been fired “without cause,” arguing he was due a compensation package involving royalties, even if he left.

Rockstar confirmed the group had been in mediation with Benzies, but negotiations were “unsuccessful” and disagreed with his “good reason” argument for leaving the company. Furthermore, Rockstar argued the royalty arrangement was such that Benzies was barred from even making the argument, as he had “no right to contest the royalty allocation” and even doing so was a “breach” of the plan he’d signed years ago.

The only way Benzies could be awarded the royalties he’s asking for, claims Rockstar, is by a group called the Allocation Committee, which includes Houser. “Sam Houser would have the sole authority to determine what, if any, royalty percentage should be allocated to Benzies,” reads the suit.

This lawsuit is a thorny situation, and it’s just getting started. We’ll be keeping an eye on it as it develops.

Top 5 Battleborn Heroes

The minds that brought you Borderlands are here with a new Hero-shooter, Battleborn. We’ve had the chance to go into 2K’s secret bunker in Windsor and take an exclusive sneek-peek at the game.

Saints Row III…I Mean IV

When it comes to Saints Row (SA), we all know what to expect and that’s crazy, over the top version of Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Saints Row is the game you’d play when you get bored of GTA V. However with SA IV, I have mixed feelings. Is SA IV going to be a classic in years to come? Well of course not, but that

Cosplay Spilling into Daily Life?

Cosplay has been around for along time. Originally something done by the few, “costume play” has exploded in popularity to the point where it is an integral part of pop culture. Cosplay at comic cons, or any cons, nation and world wide is so popular that contest are setup and cosplayers are rewarded for creativity and ingenuity. Participants spend months preparing for events, meticulously designing, planning, sculpting, and refining their costumes. There are even fan pages on Facebook for specific cosplayers who can be hired to attend events and have achieved name recognition and some degree of fame. What is really interesting about Cosplay though is that it is now spilling over into daily life. A quick search on the popular crafters and handmade site Etsy shows hundreds of products made with cosplay themes but for regular daily life and I’m not talking about just t-shirts of your favorite characters either.

Imagine if you will, that you are in need of a new daily coat and you are fan of the BBC series Sherlock. Well you would be in luck be cause there is a company called that offers you a real life, high quality peacoat almost exactly like that worn by the series lead Benedict Cumberbatch. Or if Sherlock isn’t your thing but the CW’s Green Arrow centric show ‘Arrow’ is you could just get a green hooded coat styled after the show. What if comics are you your thing either but video games like Assassin’s Creed is and you only need a hoodie? Well has you covered!

Personally I think its a lot of fun to be a geek today. Having been a fan of comics from back when you could get beat up at school for it, its kinda nice to let your geek flag fly! Even areas where you wouldn’t expect cosplay to touch are being effects, and in a good way! Check out Etsy for business casual and formal gear and you can find custom Deadpool cuff links with matching tie bar, of course there are the normal custom ties, but how about custom high heels!?! Then at the other end of the spectrum like motorcycle gear you will find things like custom painted helmets such as this Spider-Man themed full face helmet on Etsy. has line of themed motorcycle riding suits like this one based on the batsuit from The Dark Knight movie. And if a full riding suit isn’t quite you then you can hit up Weld Burn Masks and get a Punisher themed handmade motorcycle face mask.

Its an exciting time whether it is DC or Marvel, Comic or Anime, Movies or Video Games there is someone out there making something for your everyday life to help slake your cosplay passion between events!

HANNA-BARBERA Characters get a Re-Design for Comic Book reboot


Scooby has gone through many incarnations over the years since his introduction in 1969. Most of the incarnations have either been slight modifications by the inclusion of new characters, like the bad choice to include Scrappy Doo, to reducing the number of regulars in the show, a back to basics series of direct to DVD movies including a musical, to a recent attempt by Cartoon Network to add even more mystery and a running story to the show called ‘Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated’ that ran from April of 2010 for two season till April 2013 and is considered the 11th incarnation of the show according to Wikipedia. When it comes to the comic books Scooby has seen plenty of change and shift as well but this new version should be interesting to watch unfold. Speaking about the reboot AND redesign of the characters artist Jim Lee had this to say:

“I’m a huge Scooby Doo fan, as I think most people are,” said Lee during Entertainment Weekly’s initial report. “It’s a multigenerational obsession at this point, and we just thought it would just be really interesting to take the cartoon version of these characters and see where they would be if we took what existed in the very first iteration of the cartoon and moved it into this day and age.”

That sounds a bit dangerous to me. Take a look at the cover art for the new series as drawn by Lee himself.

Scooby Doo Apocalypse

Shaggy seems to be the character with cross-hairs on his back as he’s evolved from a hippy to a hipster with trendy facial hair. Velma looks like she’s been handed larger glasses and a shorter stature. Fred and Daphne seem to be dressed as twins minus the colors and rocking some pretty hefty tech. All of this wrapped up in Lee’s signature style… and tattoos apparently.

Lee has a long history of producing great artwork and his work on the New52 and this mysterious Rebirth for DC has been heralded and lauded so it will be interesting to see how this new version of the historical and “generational” characters of Mystery Inc unfolds.

Personally I’d kinda like to see more of this idea!

Deadpool – Banned in China and Not Kid Friendly… Just Like it Should Be!

Deadpool is an interesting character. Created by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza for Marvel Comics he debuted in The New Mutants #98 in February 1991. The story goes that after Rob was done with the character design Nicieza called him back and remarked that this was a rebranded copy of DC Comics popular villain Deathstroke. To drive the joke home the pair gave him the real name ofWade Wilson a spin on Deathstroke’s really name of Slade Wilson. The character went on to almost immediately gain fans and only a few years later was given his own title. Deadpool was ranked 182nd on Wizard magazine’s list of the Top 200 Comic Book Characters of All Time, ranked 45th on Empire magazine’s list of The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters, and placed 31st on IGN’s list of the Top 100 Comic Book Heroes. So why is he interesting?

He’s Bat Shit Crazy

Those words were chosen carefully. Wade was entered in the Weapon X program because he really had nothing to lose since he was dying from cancer. (His cancer is a reoccurring joke in the comics) Wade is not a mutant but during his time in the Weapon X program is artificially given an enhanced version of Wolverine’s mutant healing factor. The trouble is that it didn’t cure his cancer so his body is in a constant fight of healing the damage that his cancer is causing. Considering his brain was one site of infection, the constant damage and repair causes him to be unpredictable and often times completely mental. Though initially he didn’t have any on-board internal dialog, he is now famous for having two additional voices in his head which are represented on page with yellow and white speech boxes with which he often has verbal dialog to the dismay of those around him.

Deadpool talking to himself

Deadpool alone with his crazy

He Can Heal From Virtually Anything

The X-Men character Wolverine is the source of Deadpool’s healing factor but he heals faster and more completely than his donor. Known for diving in head first, sometimes literally, knowing that while it might hurt but that he will be fine has become a signature technique for Deadpool. With no regard for himself Wade is willing to do anything at anytime which when combined with his fragile mental status makes him a dangerous foe. Taskmasker, a foe with photo-reflexive memory which allows him to copy anyone’s fighting skills by observation, was unable to defeat Deadpool due to his chaotic and improvised fighting style. Taskmaster has also stated that Deadpool is an expert at distracting his opponents. Other formatable fighters in the Marvel Universe like X-Men member Gambit are also afraid to directly engage Deadpool even going so far as to offer to pay him off rather than fight him.

Deadpool's body says

Did someone say

Scratching my brain!

And last of all…. *reader insert drum roll here*

He Knows He’s in Comic Book

To my knowledge there isn’t a point that’s been portrayed in the comics at which Deadpool discovers that he is just a comic book character created and used for the enjoyment of the reader but he does know it. As famous has he is for the previous points, and MANY many others, at the top if the list (or at the bottom I suppose) should be his frequent breaking of the fourth wall, something nearly no one else in the Marvel Universe does. Frequent references to real world events, pop culture, references to previous issues by issue number, and even characters from other comic book companies like Batman are bewildering to other characters but are a staple and major point of interest for fans. In short, it wouldn’t be a Deadpool comic without at least one breach!

Deadpool envy's Batman

Deadpool's Previous Issue References

Deadpool recaps for the reader

With the release of his new movie on the horizon, February 12th in the US GET your ticks like now, take the time to enjoy Deadpool for what he is the “Merc with the Mouth” (not that X-Men Origins: Wolverine bullshit).

Deadpool loves a shower scene

Deadpool loves a shower scene

Sleeping Dogs getting new DLC stories, packs in 2013

There will be two new stories and three packs available as DLC for Sleeping Dogs in the next three months, Square Enix announced today. Year of the Snake (which seems like a safe bet to assume is going to launch around the Lunar New Year) takes place with Shen returning to the Hong Kong Police


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